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Dr. Madigan and the DCDL team are committed to enhancing and supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We view diversity of identity and perspectives as a strength and resource. We are all individuals with our own unique sociocultural identities and shared experiences within a university setting where we are encouraged to reflect on how these intersecting identities and positionalities shape our worldview and interactions with one another. Through the critical lens of reflecting on the nature of privilege and oppression, we continually strive to have conversations about EDI and find ways to ensure that the values and principles of EDI are reflected in our hiring and lab activities. We believe that the experiences and different perspectives of lab members adds to an enriching learning environment that fosters critical thought through respectful discussion and inclusion.


My commitment as the director of the DCDL is to minimize systemic forces of oppression such as ableism, classism, racism, sexism, transphobia, and heterosexism, in efforts to create a safe learning environment for all of us. I ask all lab members to join me in this commitment to foster respect for one another, enhance solidarity, and build community.

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