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Recent Publications

Note: Trainee names are underlined. For a complete list of publications visit Dr. Madigan's Google Scholar page. 


Anderson, N., Graham, S., Prime, H., Jenkins, J., & Madigan, S.(2021). Linking parental linguistic input to child language skills: A meta-analysis. Child Development. 


Hentges, R. F., Devereux, C., Graham, S., & Madigan, S. (2021). Child language difficulties and internalizing and externalizing symptoms: A meta-analysis. Child Development.


Rodrigues, M., Sokolovic, N., Madigan, S., Luo, Y., Silva, V., Misra, S., Jenkins, J. (2021). Meta-analytic studies of the relationships between paternal sensitivity and children’s cognitive and socioemotional outcomes. Child Development.

Racine, N., McDonald, S., Chaput, K., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. (2021).  Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences to Substance Use in Pregnancy: Findings from the All Our Families Cohort. Journal of Women’s Health.


Racine, N, Devereux, C., Cooke, J., Eirich, R., Zhu, J., Madigan, S. (2021). Adverse Childhood Experiences and Maternal Anxiety and Depression: A Meta-Analysis. BMC Psychiatry.

Forslund, T., Granqvist, P., van Ijzendoorn, M. H., Sagi-Schwartz, A., Glaser, D., Steele, M., . .. Madigan, S…. Duschinsky, R. (2021). Attachment goes to court: child protection and custody issues. Attachment & Human Development, 1-52. 


Madigan, S, Eirich, R., Racine, N., Cooke, J., Borland-Kerr, C., Devereux, C., Plamondon, A., Tarabulsy, G., Cyr, C., Haltigan, John D., Bohr, Y., Bronfman, E., & Lyons-Ruth, K., &. (2020). Validity of the AMBIANCE-Brief Measures of Disrupted Caregiving Behavior.  Infant Mental Health Journal. 

Racine, N., McDonald, S., Chaput, K., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2020).  Maternal substance use in pregnancy: differential prediction by childhood adversity subtypes. Preventive medicine, 141, 106303. 

Racine, N, Korczak, D. Madigan, S.+ (2020).  Evidence Suggests Children and Being Left Behind in COVID Mental Health Research. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 1-2. 

McArthur, B., Browne, D., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2020).  Screen Use Related to Decreased Offline Enrichment Activities. Acta Paediatrica. 


Beveridge, J., Dobson, K., Madigan, S., Yeates, K.O., Stone, A., Wilson, A., Salberg, S., Mychasiuk, R., Noel, M. (2020).  Adverse Childhood Experiences in Parents of Youth with Chronic Pain: Prevalence and Comparison to a Community-Based Sample. Pain Reports, 5(6). 

Madigan, S., Racine, N, Cooke, J., Korczak, D. (2020). COVID-19 and Telemental Health: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Directions. Canadian Psychology. 

Colasanto, M., Madigan, S., Korczak, D. (2020). Depression and Inflammation Among Children and Adolescents: A Meta-analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders.


Raby, K.L., Verhage, M., Fearon, R.M.P., Fraley, R.C., Roisman, G., van IJzendoorn, M. Schuengel, C., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M.J., Madigan, S., Bernier, B., Ensink, K., Hautamäki, A., Mangelsdorf, S., Oosterman, M., Priddis, L., Wong, M., & The Collaboration on Attachment Transmission Synthesis. (2020).  The Latent Structure of the Adult Attachment Interview: Large Sample Evidence from Consortium Data. Development & Psychopathology.

Eirich, R., Racine, N., Garfinkel, D., Dimitropoulos, G., & Madigan, S.+ (2020). Risk and protective factors for treatment dropout in a child maltreatment population. Adversity and Resilience Science, 1(3), 165-177. 

Racine, N., Birken, C. & Madigan, S. + (2020)  Supporting Parents and Children During and Post-COVID-19. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 41(7), 508-510. 

McArthur, B., Browne, D., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2020). Trajectories of screen use during early childhood: Predictors and associated behavior and learning outcomes. Computers in Human Behavior, 113, 106501. 

Racine, N., Hartwick, C., Collin-Vezina, D., & Madigan, S. + (2020). Telemental Health for Child Trauma Treatment during and post-COVID-19: Limitations and Considerations. Child Abuse & Neglect, 110, 104698. 

Racine, N., Cooke, J., Eirich, R., Korczak, D., McArthur, B.A. & Madigan, S.+ (2020) Child and Adolescent Mental Illness during COVID-19: A Rapid Review. Psychiatry Research. 

Cooke, J., Eirich, R., Racine, N., Madigan, S.+ (2020). Prevalence of posttraumatic and general psychological stress during COVID-19: A rapid review and meta-analysis. Psychiatry research, 292, 113347. 

Rhodes, R. Guerrero, M.D. Vanderloo, L. Barbeau, K. Birken, C. Chaput, J.P., Faulkner, G. Janssen, I. Madigan, S. Mâsse, L. McHugh, T.L. Perdew, M., Stone, K., Shelley, J., Spinks, N., Tamminen, K.A., Tomasone, K., Ward, H., Welsh, F., & Tremblay, M.  (2020). Development of a consensus statement on the role of the family in the physical activity, sedentary, and sleep behaviours of children and youth. Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 17, 1-31. 

Milkovich, E. & Madigan, S. (2020). Commentary: Using Mobile Device Sampling to Objectively Measure Screen Use in Clinical Care. Pediatrics.


Hentges, R. F., Graham, S., Fearon, R.M.P., Tough, S. C., & Madigan, S. (2020). The chronicity and timing of prenatal and antenatal maternal depression and anxiety on child outcomes at age 5. Depression and Anxiety. 

Madigan, S., McArthur, B., Anhorn, C., Eirich, R., & Christakis, D. (2020). Associations Between Screen Use and Child Language Skills: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA pediatrics.

Tomfohr-Madsen, L., Cameron, E., Dhillon, A., MacKinnon, A., Hernandez, L., Madigan, S., & Tough, S. (2020). Neighbourhood socioeconomic status and child sleep duration: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Health.

Hetherington, E., Racine, N., Madigan, S., McDonald, S., & Tough, S. (2020). How much do parental ACEs tell us about child behavior? Findings from the All our Families Longitudinal Cohort. Canadian Medical Association Journal – Open, 8, E352. 

Verhage, M. L., Schuengel., C., Duschinsky, R., van IJzendoorn, M. H., Fearon, P., Madigan, S., Roisman, G., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M., J., Oosterman, M. (2020). The Collaboration on Attachment Transmission Synthesis (CATS): A Move to the Level of Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 29, 199-206.

Mori, C., Cooke, J.E., Temple, J. Ly, A., Lu, Yu., Anderson, N., Rash, C., & Madigan, S. + (2020). The prevalence of sexting among emerging adults: A meta-analysis. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-17.

Guyon-Harris, K., Madigan, S., Bronfman, E., Romero, G., Huth-Bocks, A. (2020). Prenatal Identification of Risk for Later Atypical Parenting Behavior using Latent Profiles of Childhood Maltreatment. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 0886260520906175. 

Ereyi-Osas, W., Racine, N., Madigan, S. + (2020). Using the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Questionnaire in Prenatal and Pediatric Primary Care: A Narrative Review. Infant Mental Health Journal. 

Cooke, J., Eirich, R., Racine, N., Lyons-Ruth, K., & Madigan, S. (2020). Validation of the AMBIANCE‐brief: An observational screening instrument for disrupted caregiving.  Infant Mental Health Journal. 

Racine, N., Eirich, R., Hartwick, C., Dimitropoulos, G., & Madigan, S.(2020). Development of trauma symptoms following adversity in childhood: The moderating role of protective factors. Child Abuse & Neglect, 101, 104375.

Madigan, S., Racine, N., & Tough, S. (2020). Prevalence and Predictors of Meeting Screen Time Guidelines. JAMA Pediatrics, 174, 5-6

Racine, N., Killam, T., & Madigan, S. + (2020).  Beyond the ACEs Questionnaire: Trauma Informed Care as a Unviersal Precaution. JAMA Pediatrics, 174, 93-95.


Racine, N., Zumwalt, K., McDonald, S., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2019). Perinatal Depression: The Role of Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Social Support. Journal of Affective Disorders, 263, 576-581.

Browne, D., Thompson, D., Madigan, S.  (2019).  Digital Media Use in Children: Clinical versus Scientific Responsibilties. JAMA Pediatrics, 174(2), 111-112.

Racine, N., Plamondon, A, McDonald, S., Tough, S., & Madigan, S.  (2019). The Consistency of Maternal Abuse Reporting in the Pregnancy and Postpartum Periods. Journal of Women’s Health, 29(4), 561-569.  

Mori, C., Temple, J.R., & Madigan, S.  (2019). A decade of sexting research – are we any wiser – A reply. JAMA Pediatrics, 174(2), 204-204.

Browne, D., May, S., Hurst-Della Pietra, P., Christakis, D., Asamoah, T., Hale, L., Delrahim-Howlett, K., Emond, J., Fiks, A., Madigan, S., Perlman, G., Rumpf, H.J., Thompson, D., Uzzo, S., Stapleton, J., Ireland, T., Neville, R. (2019). From “Screen Time” to the Digital Level of Analysis: Protocol for a Scoping Review of Digital Media Use in Children and Adolescence. BMJ Open, 9(11).

Madigan, S+., Prime, H., Graham, S., Rodriguez, M., Anderson, N., Khoury, J., Jenkins, J. (2019). Parenting Behavior and Child Language: A Meta-Analysis. Pediatrics, 144(4).

Browne, D., Racine, N., & Madigan, S. + (2019). Challenging the Association Between Screen Time and Cognitive Development – A reply. JAMA Pediatrics, 173, 891-891.

Choi, H.J., Mori, C., Van Ouytsel, J., Madigan, S., Temple, J.R. (2019).  Adolescent Sexting Involvement Over Four Years and Associations with Sexual Activity.  Journal of Adolescent Health, 65, 738-744.

Temple, J., Strasburger, V., Zimmerman, H., & Madigan, S.+ (2019). Sexting in youth: cause for concern?. The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, 3(8), 520-521. 

Mori, C., Temple, J.R., Browne, D., & Madigan, S. + (2019). Meta-Analysis of Sexting and Associated Health Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents. JAMA Pediatrics, 173, 770-779.

Hentges, R. F., Madigan, S+., Plamondon, A.P., Racine, N., Collison, B., Tough, S. C., & Graham, S. A.. (2019). Subgroups in trajectories of communicative development from 12 to 36 months: Predictors and consequences. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 40, 335-343

Hentges, R. F., Graham, S., Plamondon, A.P., Tough, S. C., & Madigan, S+. (2019). A developmental cascade from prenatal stress to child internalizing and externalizing problems: Findings from the All Our Families pregnancy cohort. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 44, 1057-1067.

Cooke, J.E., Racine, N., Plamondon, A, Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2019). Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment Style, and Mental Health: Pathways of Transmission to Child Behavior Problems. Child Abuse & Neglect, 93, 27-37.  

Mori, C. & Madigan, S+. (2019). Screen time and developmental delays in children: a chicken or egg problem. The Science Breaker.

Van Ouystel, J., Madigan, S., Ponnet, K., Walrave, M., & Temple, J. (2019). Adolescent Sexting –Myths, Facts, and Advice. NASN School Nurse, 34(6), 345-350. 

Strasburger, V., Zimmerman, H., Temple, J.R., & Madigan, S.+ (2019). Teenagers, Sexting, and the Law. Pediatrics, 143(5).

Jambon, M., Madigan, S+., Plamondon, A., Jenkins, J. (2019).  Developmental trajectories of physical aggression and prosocial behavior in early childhood: Family antecedents and psychological correlates. Developmental Psychology, 55(6), 1211.

Racine, N., Plamondon, A, Hentges, R.F., Tough, S., & Madigan, S. + (2019). Dynamic and Bidirectional Associations Between Maternal Stress, Anxiety, and Social Support. Journal of Affective Disorders, 252, 19-24. 

Azzopardi, C., Eirich, R., Rash, C., MacDonald, S., Madigan, S.+ (2019). A meta-analysis of the prevalence of child sexual abuse disclosure in forensic settings. Child Abuse and Neglect, 93, 291-304. 

McDonald, S., Madigan, S. , Racine, N., Benzies, K., Tomfohr-Madsen, L., Tough, S. (2019). Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mental Health, and Child Behaviour at Age 3: The All Our Families Community Cohort study. Preventive Medicine, 118, 286-294.

Alink, L., Cyr, C., & Madigan, S+. (2019). The effect of maltreatment experiences on maltreating and dysfunctional parenting: In search of mechanisms. Introduction to the special section. Development & Psychopathology, 31, 1-7. 

Madigan, S., Cyr, C., Eirich, R., Fearon, R.M.P., Ly, A., Rash, C., Poole, J., & Alink, L. (2019). Testing the Cycle of Maltreatment Hypothesis: Meta-Analytic Evidence of the Intergenerational Transmission of Child Maltreatment. Development & Psychopathology, 31, 23-51. 

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